Goal and Objective


  1. Provide leadership in the priority areas of the university in line with the institutional and national goals for the improvement of the quality of life of the people towards global competitiveness through research.

  2. Develop research areas in terms of university curricular offerings, commodities and appropriate combination of basic, applied, prototype, and developmental aspects, considering the human and material resources of the institution.

  3. Propose policy, procedure, rules and/or other systems for consideration by the Office of University Research Development to the Board of Reagents for the effectiveness and efficiency of research program operations.


  1. To undertake research work and services that support the development thrusts and programs of the local, regional, and national government;

  2. To conduct research work along the research priority areas of the university and furnish  the LGUs and other agencies with the research outputs;

  3. To collaborate with other colleges and universities, government organizations, national government agencies, non-government organizations, people’s organization and other agencies in areas of research services;

  4. To present research outputs in local, national and international fora, university in-house reviews and to publish them in TSU Recognized Journals;

  5. To utilize research outputs for instruction, extension services, policy development and commercialization by the industries in order to enhance their productivity; and

  6. To conduct research capability building activities.

Function of URO

The Office of University Research Development was restructured by virtue of Board Resolution No. 83 series of 2023. The primary function of the OURD is to generate, oversee, coordinate, consolidate, and operationalize the conduct of research activities along the priority areas of the University. The following are the specific functions of the Office:

  1. To set the research targets of the university.
  2. To conduct university-wide research colloquia;
  3. To provide opportunities and funding support to faculty researchers of the university in pursuing research projects that are relevant to the thrusts and needs of the university;
  4. To establish linkages between local, national, and international agencies, for the purpose of identifying relevant subjects or problems for research, pursue research endeavors on areas of common concern jointly with these agencies;
  5. To assist CRCs in the monitoring of research projects of the colleges and units of the university;
  6. To formulate and implement research policies and guidelines;
  7. To aid in the dissemination of research outputs through research publication, research presentations, workshops, roundtable discussions, and newsletters; and
  8. To plan and implement programs directed toward the continuing development of skills and competencies of research office personnel.

University Research Agenda

Tarlac State University Research Agenda for 2021-2023

To strengthen the specializations of the TSU in its research endeavors, the university research agenda was compressed from a 10-point agenda into 5 point-agenda which was approved on December 2020 by virtue of BOR Resolution No. 88 series of 2020 This will enable the TSU to establish its core functions to create a significant contribution in the field of scientific research undertakings and impact the national development.

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University Research Framework

Organizational Structure

Contact Details

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